Men's trousers for working in customer service

Men's trousers

odziez hotelowa meska obsłuhga gosci klienta recepcja SPA kierownik restauracjaThe trousers are slightly tapered down. 2 front pockets, one rear pocket.

The composition of the iron fabric chosen by the customer:

  • wool 45%, viscose 10%, polyester 45% -price: 165 zł net
  • wool 40%, polyester 60% of the price of 145 PLN net
  • viscose 30%, polyester 67%, spandex 3% price 125 PLN net
  • polyester 95%, elastane 5% – price 99 PLN net

Men's clothes for work at the hotel, at reception, in the restaurant

Men's clothes for work at the hotel, at the front Desk or in another place where you need to look elegant, and your customers:
odziez hotelowa restautacja obsługa kleinta recepcja męska ubranie 1. Mens shirt

taliowane shirt – slim collar shirt or a classic classic classic kolnierzykiem

The composition of the iron fabric chosen by the customer:

  • cotton 50%, polyester 50% price – 63 zł net
  • fabric 100% cotton – the price of 84 euros net





2. Vest men's

odziez htelowa ubranie obsługa gości męskie  kamizelkaVest liner for silhouettes with zaszewkami front, 2 pockets trimmed pliskami, rear panel with large buckles to adjust the height of the hoist. Read more

Clothing work in the hotel, reception, restaurant, SPA...


hotel odziez pracowniczaHotel, restaurant, reception have one thing in common: from the threshold, at the very beginning we are greeted by a man in elegant, perfectly skrojonej clothing business.

Sew on custom clothing for workers in various industries: employees of hotels, SPAS, restaurants, reception, and even organizations and choirs!

szycie odziezy dla hoteli stroj na recepcje

Do you have a question? Will help in the selection of clothing working for Your business!


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Clothes in the restaurant – what is the price? How much is it?

What is the price of clothing, for hotel worker, such as in this photo?

Blouse blouse with cuffs and classic collar.

Often receives questions:

How much is this suit in the restaurant to the front Desk as in the picture, because I want to know is it possible to afford it?

Just say that the same suit to work at the front Desk could be more expensive and cheaper – the price depends on the type of fabric that we use for uszycia outfit of headquarters.

So I should answer a question with a question (I know that's not good!):Read more

How does the ordering process?

Working clothes are embroidered to order, quickly!

ubranie sluzbowe chor teatrThe order will not take much time – fast was implemented in 1 week (see the description of this event and feedback the client – II mountains).

But, as a rule, lasts a little longer.

And how does the implementation of this order?

1. If you think that the offer with Gallery clothing business You respond, contact me:

and we will define together what is needed. Can Read more

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