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Hello. My name is Agnieszka Czyrko.

I assure you that Your data is I use only for communication with You.

At any time you can delete this data. You can do this automatically, because in each post I have a link to unsubscribe. You can also just ask about it in the letter.

I do not sell or give third parties the personal or address data of customers/ users of their services. I respect Your privacy.

I don't like to receive SPAM. So please, as I have not used/and my e-mail address in the mailing list not ordered by correspondence.

Policy use of cookies
Cookies are not used to identify the user's identity and not the identity of the user.
Cookies are used on this Year, in particular, for the purposes of:
• provide users of the Portal,
• adaptation of the Portal to user needs,
• create statistics view Portal pages.
• creation of statistics of work of services and user traffic patterns for internal purposes and

The user can at any time delete placed cookies or prevent placement of cookies by using the options available in his web browser. Removing or blocking the placement of cookies may cause inconvenience of use, and even prohibit the use of some of its functions.

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In case of questions, please email me at the following address: privacy(at)