Privacy Protection

Dear Ladies And Gentlemen!

Day 25 may 2018. comes into force a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 from April 27, 2016. on the protection of individuals in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (the "RODO”).We would like to inform You of changes, rights and the reasons for collecting personal data.

What is personal information?
Personal data is information that identifies or helps to identify an individual. In our case such data are, in particular, IP address, email address, name, shipping address or phone number.
These data are stored in the cookies we use and our local database (local storage).

Why we process personal data?
Company of the Year Agnieszka Czyrko has been selling a wide range of goods and services on campus and via the Internet. To fulfill orders we need to obtain the necessary data, allowing us to deliver the goods to a specific address and the appropriate person or booking previously replaced product in the store. RODO provides several types of legal grounds for data processing, in our case it would be:

  1. The need of data processing for the conclusion or performance of a contract in which You party. Through the agreement, we understand the terms and conditions of our services, i.e. the sale and delivery of the product. We would like to note that these data are processed only to the extent necessary for the implementation of this agreement. Without this consent we would not be able to provide You with the implementation of our services.
  2. The necessity of the processing for the purposes arising from legal interests, implemented through the administrator or through a third party. The basis of this applies to cases in which data processing due to our have a decent excuse, in particular, the need for security services (for example, to see if Your account is not included third party entity), statistical measurements (for example, the definition of sale of the goods) or improve our services.
  3. Your voluntary consent. Needed mainly for marketing services, which include in particular our newsletter. To be able to change the content of our posts about new products and promotions, we should be able processing of your personal data. The granting of this consent is completely voluntary and does not affect the quality of other services. Due to changes in the law, You have the ability to limit range or change the resolution at any time.

Your data will be processed as long as the basis exists for their processing, i.e. in the case of the issuance of the permit and prior to its revocation, restriction or other action on Your part, limiting this agreement, in the case of the materiality of the data for the execution of the contract, time of its execution, and in the case when the basis for the data processing, the legitimate interests of the administrator at the time of the existence of this legal interest.

Who is the administrator of personal data?
The administrator of personal data is the company the Year Agnieszka Czyrko with headquarters in Olsztyn (code:10-807) , str. Grain 30.

Do we share personal data?
The recipient of the personal data of the company providing services for storage of goods and freight forwarding companies, providing our parcels. Data transfer usually, in the case of cooperation with subcontractors (e.g., company, packaging and receiving parcels) or service provider (e.g., freight forwarding company, delivering parcels to the end customer). In any case, the data transfer does not relieve the transferor from liability for their treatment. Data can also be transferred to the bodies of society, if it is given in accordance with applicable law and provide to your request, but never otherwise.

What are cookies?
Cookies (cookies) is a separate, small text files sent from visited websites and downloaded to the user's computer. They are intended to identify the user in order to improve the quality and usability of the website. The most popular example of the use of cookies, which we practice, and we also to save the data enter the system, so when you login to the site, the user immediately log in to your account.

What are Your rights?
In accordance with the CLAN and have the following benefits:

  1. You have the right of access to his data and right to correction, deletion, limitation treatment, the right to data transfer, the right of the defence, the right to revoke this consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing, which was carried out under permissions from its output.
  2. You have the right to sue of the Chairman of the Department of civil Protection of Personal Data in the sphere of violation of the law on protection of personal data or other rights granted under the CLAN.
  3. The provision of personal data is a mandatory condition of the contract. You will be obliged to provide, and the lack of these data is the inability to fulfill your order.

All data and consent to obtain additional services (information Bulletin) You can change at any time by sending us an e-mail to the address

Best wishes!