Clothing for hotels and restaurants: koszulowe Blouse / Shirt womens

Koszulowe blouse / Shirt womens

Blouse blouse with cuffs and classic collar is highly regarded as ideal for working in the areas of hospitality or hotel reception.

stroje-hotelowe-szycie-producent-krawiec pracownik hotelu recepcji odziez hotelowa SPAelegancka-bluzka-koszulowa-recepcja-hotelBlouse blouse with cuffs and a classic collar.

Ta bluzka koszulowa została wysoko oceniona jako idealna do pracy w miejscach reprezentacyjnych hotelu czy recepcji.

This blouse is the blouse was highly regarded as ideal for working in entertainment places of the hotel or reception.

Ubranie pracownicze do pracy w hotelu, na recepcji czy w biurze.

Clothes employees to work in a hotel, at the front Desk or in the office.

odziez hotelowa spodnie damskie recepcja

Comfortable pants with pockets.

ubranie hotelarskie-uniform kamizelka

A fitted vest suit boy or at the front Desk

bluzka damska koszula hotel recepcja ubranie słuzbowe

Clothing at the hotel and recepcyjna for demanding

Womens shirt pocket button.
  • long sleeve finished with a cuff.
  • classic collar with a high quality of service
  • cut training figure
We also offer shirts with short sleeve and 3/4 sleeve.

Shirts we make custom clients

The composition of the cast iron fabric the customer chooses.
  1. cotton 85% cost 71 PLN net (long sleeve and 3/4 sleeve), 62 PLN net short sleeve
  2. cotton 50% polyester 50% price 57 zł net (long sleeve and 3/4 sleeve), 54 PLN net short sleeve

The range of colors of fabrics is large, the interested customers send samples of fabric along with a pattern shirt to see the quality of our company. Free shipping.


odziez hotelowa na miare krawiec szycie

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