Clothing for SPA and beauty salon

Clothing in a SPA or for personnel beauty salons, for example, a beautician

1.Tunic zipper side


  • with two side pockets in front
  • zaszewki front and rear
  • the clasp on the left side

Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% spandex Price 79 PLN net

2. Skirt


  • narrowing in the lower part
  • behind the castle the room and stands with tip
  • at the height of Tali trimmed stripe 3cm.

Fabric: 95% cotton,5% spandex price: 55 PLN net



  • bevel down
  • front at the height of Tali pants trimmed stripe 3cm
  • with a background at the height of the hoist strap of elastic bands to adjust

Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% spandex price: 62 PLN net

Welcome to free custom clothing designs – you can see and try to evaluate the quality of the clothes. The clothes for a refund.

Details here: clothing in contact Agnieszka

szycie odziezy dla hoteli stroj na recepcje



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