Clothing – what is the price? How much is it?

What is the price of clothing, for hotel worker, such as in this photo?


Blouse blouse with cuffs and a classic collar.

Often get the questions:

How much is a suit like the picture, because I want to know whether you can afford it?

Just say that the same suit to work at the front Desk can be more expensive and less expensive – the price depends on the type of tissue that we use to uszycia outfit headquarters.

That is, I have to answer a question with a question (I know that's not good!):

  • What size are You interested in this selected clothes for the worker?
  • What you have an amount intended for clothing for 1 person hotel staff?
  • It's good quality, this should be the cheapest product? Maybe something in the middle?

Proceed to the prices of the clothes of the hotel:

If you want to have an expensive suit, the cost depends on what is included with this costume. May be, for example, skirt, pants, vest, shirt (blouse shirt), jacket and other things that you can consider need.

The price of the skirt ranges from 60 to 100 hryvnia, depending on the type of tissue and type of facing.

And the cost of all full suit from 250 to 400 rubles.

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