Men's pants for work in customer service

Pants for men

odziez hotelowa meska obsłuhga gosci klienta recepcja SPA kierownik restauracjaThe pants are slightly tapered down. 2 front pockets, one back pocket.

The composition of the cast iron fabric the customer chooses:

  1. wool 70%, viscose 15%, polyester 15% price 175 PLN net
  2. wool 50%, viscose 30%, polyester 20% price 159 zł net
  3. cotton 75%, nylon 20%, spandex 5% price is 135 zł net



odziez hotelowa męska koszula spodnie kamizelka

Men's pants – clothing

odziez hotelowa restautacja obsługa kleinta recepcja męska ubranie

Clothing in men's and women's vest, shirt and pants









Welcome to free custom clothing designs – you can see and try to evaluate the quality of the clothes. The clothes for a refund.

Details here: clothing in contact Agnes

szycie odziezy dla hoteli stroj na recepcje


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