Dress for the maid staff sprzątajacego

Kits for maids

1.Tunic with v-neck in Spiez

odziez-hotelowa-tunika-SPA-pokojowki-personel-sprzatajacy-tunika odziez-hotelowa-tunika-SPA-pokojowki-personel-sprzatajacy-tunika-lanowka odziez-hotelowa-tunika-SPA-pokojowki-personel-sprzatajacy-tunika-tyl

odziez-hotelowa-pokojowek-sprzataczek-robocza-personel Two front pockets, zaszewki front and rear preparation for silhouettes
hem is elegant, on the sleeves, pockets and neckline.

Suggested fabric:

  1. 95% cotton, 5% spandex, price – 86 PLN net
  2. cotton 50%,polyester 45%, spandex 5%, price – 86 PLN net
Pants front completed with a level of finish strap, back elastic band is adjustable

Available fabrics:

  1. 95% cotton, 5% spandex price – 65 PLN net
  2. cotton 50%, polyester 45%, spandex 5%. Price – 65 PLN net
2. Tunic with a high quality of service

odziez-hotelowa-pokojowka-tunika-ze-stojkaodziez-hotelowa-pokojowka-tunika-ze-stojka -tyl


Two front pockets, zaszewki in front and rear, preparation for silhouettes

edge decorative rękawkach,pockets, and standing.
Available fabrics:
  1. 95% cotton,5% spandex. Price – 96 PLN net
  2. cotton 50%, polyester 50%, spandex 5%. Price – 96 PLN net



Pants front decorated band, the back band is adjustable

odziez-hotelowa-sprzataczki-pokojowkiAvailable fabrics:

  1. 95% cotton, 5% spandex price – 65 PLN net
  2. cotton 50%, polyester 45%, spandex 5%. Price – 65 PLN net





3. Apron tied on the back

odziez-hotelowa-pokojowki-ubranie-sprzatanie-fartuch odziez-hotelowa-pokojowki-ubranie-sprzatanie-fartuch -tylConvenient apron bezrozmiarowy:
  • two front pockets
  • wiazny front to the navel from the body[wiązak not visible]
  • complete the back at waist level, we can adjust the girth of the Tali -wiązakami.
Price 82 PLN net

4. Wrap dress with high quality of serviceodziez-hotelowa-pokojowki-sprzatanie-personel-sukienka-fartuch odziez-hotelowa-pokojowki-sprzatanie-personel-sukienka-fartuch-tyl

  • Tired batwing sleeves, two front pockets.
  • Zaszewki front and rear of the preparation of the dress to the figure.
  • The neckline, pockets and sleeves are trimmed with decorative edging.

Fabric composition:

  1. 95% cotton, 5% spandex price 108 PLN net
  2. cotton 50%, полиэстер45%, spandex 5% price 108 PLN net

5. Dress has a zipper on the sideodziez-hotelowa-ubranie-robocze-sprzatanie-pokojowki-sukienka-fartuch odziez-hotelowa-ubranie-robocze-sprzatanie-pokojowki-sukienka-fartuch -tyl

  • pocket on the left side
  • trim contrast hem – sleeves, pockets, neckline.
  • zaszewki training silhouette front and back.
  • two front pockets.

Available fabrics:

  1. 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  2. viscose 50%, polyester 45% spandex 5%

Price -108 PLN net

6. Dress with connected apron

  • contrast panels at neckline, sleeves and pockets
  • zaszewki training front and back.

Price -109 PLN netodziez-hotelowa-pokojowki-sprzatanie-fartuszek odziez-hotelowa-pokojowki-sprzatanie-fartuszek -lamowka odziez-hotelowa-pokojowki-sprzatanie-fartuszek -sukienka odziez-hotelowa-pokojowki-sprzatanie-fartuszek -tyl odziez-hotelowa-pokojowki-sprzatanie-fartuszek wiazanie odziez-hotelowa-pokojowki-sprzatanie-fartuszek -wiazany

Apron included – odszyty contrast edge

The price is 29 PLN net

Available fabrics:

  1. 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  2. viscose 50%, polyester 45%, spandex 5%

Offer of colors and fabrics, a wide, interested customers send samples of the fabric together with the pattern of the garment in order to see the quality of our products. Free shipping.


odziez hotelowa na miare krawiec szycie

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