Dress – princeska (the Manager of the hotel, the customer service Department)

Elegant dress – princeska

odziez-hotelowa-spa-recepcja-kosmetyczny-gabinet-szycie-ubranie-robocze sukienka-szmizjerka-tunika (2) odziez hotelowa recepcja restauracja portiernia sukienka ubranie pracownicze sukienka princeskaDress lining

top dress slinky lines of the French, the bottom of the dress zwężany down. At the height of the hoist, the sewn belt – 4 cm wide, behind the castle the room and stands with tip. Dress is slightly elastic, lining is used, because of this,it adapts well to the figure.

 Available fabrics and prices:
  1. viscose 35% polyester 60% elastane 5% – price 155 zł net
  2. wool 50% viscose 30% polyester 20% – price 165 PLN net
  3. wool 70% viscose 15% polyester 15% – price 184 PLN net

Dress with collar

NEW STYLE – dress with collar

odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja-czarna odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja-dekolt odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja-kolnierzyk odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja-przod odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja-sluzbowa odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja-tylThe dress is tight, tapering at the lower part
The front of the dress on the bodice, cutting the French back zaszewki.
3/4 sleeves, fitted.
Dress zips in back, stand in the room.
The neckline is trimmed with small batwing sleeves which dopinany is the collar, on the buttons, so that the collar can be washed separately.
The dress is made of elastic fabric, the lining is also flexible.
Fabric composition: viscose 50%, polyester 45%, spandex 5%
The dress price is 185 PLN net
Price collar – 29 PLN net
II fabric composition: wool 95%, polyester 5%
The dress price is 199 PLN net
Price collar – 29 PLN net


The composition of the cast iron fabric the customer chooses.

Welcome to free custom clothing designs – you can see and try to evaluate the quality of the clothes. The clothes for a refund.

Details here: clothing in contact Agnieszka

szycie odziezy dla hoteli stroj na recepcje


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