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krawiectwo-szycie-ubran-odziezy-pracowniczejAs I said at the meeting: if we are talking about the last order, Mr. President happy. It looks super!!! We had 3 different companies because we were not satisfied before the end, we got to You. This order best! We will contact you and hope for further cooperation! Guest House At Samovar, Tylicz


Agnieszka can always be on top and will do anything to good, and that my girls looked always beautiful. We had very quickly, within 1 week to order before Easter. Agnieszka, personally came, looked at the girl, she did and brought our new outfits. Since I know I always can count on it. Now we look beautiful. The hotel Anders in Olsztyn


As much a pleasure to watch, as is our hotel. And a restaurant and administrator in beautiful costumes. The fact that the girls had had before, it was a misunderstanding. And now I go, I see that our support really looks nice. You will see the difference! Thank you very much! The centre for Training and recreation DUO, Janow Lubelski

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  1. Cooperation with Mrs Agnes was a very pleasant and successful. Clothes are well-made and finely decorated, making wearing them a pleasure . Looking at the end result, I see a big professionalism and experience of the entire team. If the employer depends on the quality and comfort your team needs to use the services of the YEAR.
    Thank you and recommended!

  2. Cooperation with the company the Year-it's fun, and the uniforms made by them is of excellent quality and durability. Recommend!

  3. Agatha Leipzig School Team-CEZiU them. M. Kopernika in Rawa Mazowiecka, :

    Cooperation with the company the YEAR during the execution of the order was great! We ordered 9 sets, women suits (shirt+jacket+pants) for girls with our school starting a practice in Andel's in the Boat. The order was done very well, despite the short term as we had for its implementation. Outfits perfectly made, very comfortable and beautifully decorated. Met the high demands, which was presented at the hotel. Our students are very happy because they look nice during practice. We recommend the company YEAR Madame Agnes Czyrko.

  4. "Year" entrusted us with our friendly team, for which Agnieszka Sheila have once outfits. And I do not regret this decision. Despite the fact that the company is on the other end of Poland, all implementation tasks – sewing costumes-the gala was held at a high professional level. For the lady that is the specific person and specific, nothing is impossible, there is no concept of” can't.” All of our suggestions and requests were taken into account and implemented immediately.
    And our new costumes – excellent quality uszycia, finish and overall image, speak for themselves. Next time also use the services of this company.

  5. Very good cooperation with the company. The high quality of services, short deadlines, the Express delivery. Outfits comfortable and beautifully made.
    Company of the Year credible. Recommended!

  6. I strongly recommend it! Despite distance and personal contact order was fulfilled almost perfectly (almost, because for a few people, which was sewn full sets: pants, skirts, jackets, dresses, vests, and even blazers for men – despite the lack of range!; only one person needs to narrow garment). I have a bad experience with another company (known brand), who sewed the outfits on the distance, and I was full of doubt, but all are well stitched and we are very happy.
    Of course, I will continue to cooperate with it

  7. I recommend to all!!! Complete professionalism, amazing contact. The clothes are beautifully odszyte. Agnieszka is a good Board, no problems with the replacement. Despite the fact that we ordered dresses at a distance is the period of implementation was rapid. Really should use the services of this company.

    I heartily welcome and we are very pleased to continue cooperation.

  8. hi,

    Ordered pinafores for Women cleaning.
    The clothes are beautifully cut, elegant, tailored.

    The collaboration with Mrs. Agnes estimate of 6 :-).

    Marlene Wojdak

  9. Thank you for beautifully tailored suits for reception staff of the Sanatorium "cooling Towers" in Inowrocław. Contact us from the beginning very professional, had no problems with the implementation. THE COMPANY IS TRUSTWORTHY – I RECOMMEND 100%.

  10. High professionalism, quick execution of orders. The vest is super bears. I recommend this company ☺

  11. For several years, using the services of cars of the Company. The owner of the company Ms. Agnieszka Czyrko is a person, competent and conscientious. Is professional advice and assistance. All clothing (including jackets,dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, suits) they are always well suited to the figure and professionally done. They look like clothes from the branded stores with exclusive clothing. Elegant and tasteful. The clothes are made in Mrs. Agnieszka proven themselves in various situations (e.g. at work, at conferences, in theatre). Combine elegance with convenience. Thanks to Agnieszka and Her workers for sewn in my clothes and I highly recommend this workshop tailoring.

  12. Very efficient and fast implementation of the order. Very good contact with Mrs. Agnes. All the outfits are beautiful, carefully made and finished – I hope they are also good to wear and wash. Additional comments are made without problems, despite the fact that required some alterations. And everything will be done at a distance. With full confidence I recommend the services of this company and I leave the coordinates in my database for the future :)

  13. Company of the YEAR-is the professionalism,precision, and competent service. We have been working for two years , never happened before that YEAR and her staff messed up. Despite the distance and lack of personal contact, the order is executed perfectly. All beautifully stitched and we are very happy. All our staff DRESS up IN the COMPANY HELD by MS AGNIESZKA CZYRKO. For you, Agnieszka, nothing is impossible, the term has are made with the same precision as we installed for one month.

    Of course, I will continue to cooperate with it

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