Zapaska female

Zapaska Women's pocket doszywana panel zapaski

odziez-hotelowa-zapaska-fartuch-barmanski-damski-tyl-restauracja-pub-ubranie-pracownicze odziez-hotelowa-zapaska-fartuch-barmanski-damski-tyl-restauracja-pub-ubranie-pracownicze odziez-hotelowa-zapaska-fartuch-barmanski-damski-tyl-restauracja-pub-ubranie-pracownicze-dla-kelnerki odziez-hotelowa-zapaska-fartuch-barmanski-damski-tyl-restauracja-pub-ubranie-pracownicze-kieszenlength: 50 cm width: 90 cm
Net price 41zł

Fabric: cotton 35% polester 65%
The density of -250
Wash – 60onC
Colors offered :
Black, garnet, grey, without, maroon,blue .

We also sew zapaski at the client's request other styles (based on photos or drawings).

Dress with collar

NEW STYLE – dress with collar

Very simple but chic dress with a collar for work at the reception in the hotel

odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja-czarna odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja-dekolt odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja-kolnierzyk odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja-przod odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja-sluzbowa odziez-hotelowa-recepcja-ubranie-sukienka-dopasowana-recepcja-tylThe dress is tight, tapering at the lower part
The front of the dress on the bodice, cutting the French back zaszewki.
3/4 sleeves, fitted.
Dress zips in back, stand in the room.
The neckline is trimmed with small batwing sleeves which dopinany is the collar, on the buttons, so that the collar can be washed separately.
The dress is made of elastic fabric, the lining is also flexible.
Fabric composition: viscose 50%, polyester 45%, spandex 5%
The price of the dress – 165 zł net
Price collar – 29 PLN net
II fabric composition: wool 95%, polyester 5%
The dress price is 1195 PLN net
Price collar – 29 PLN net


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Clothing for SPA: a short tunic with cream

Tunic short cream



  • Zipper on the side.
  • Tired decorative hem.
  • Front and rear zaszewki prepare for silhouettes.
  • Two front pockets

All the tunics from the clothes we make to customer order

Other clothing for SPA

Wrap dress with high quality of service – clothes for the maids (staff)

Wrap dress with high quality of service – clothes for the maids

odziez-hotelowa-dla-pokojowek-pokojowych-sukienka-fartuch-personel-sprzatanie-fartuch-robocze-ubranie odziez-hotelowa-dla-pokojowek-pokojowych-sukienka-fartuch-personel-sprzatanie-fartuch-robocze-ubranie-tyl-przod

All the dresses-skirts with batwing sleeves, sew on the customer's order

More outfits for the maids and clothes for presonelu cleaning

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Coat "stewardess"

Working in clothing – Coat "Stewardess"

  • odziez-sluzbowa-hotelowa-pracownicza-recepcja-zakiet-stewardessaJacket with gold buttons.
  • On the sleeves stitched gold ribbon.
  • Fastens with two buttons
  • Two front pockets trimmed patką.
  • Cut preparation to silhouettes.

All jackets are sewn to order in your chosen size.

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