Clothes working at the hotel, at reception, in the restaurant, the SPA...


hotel odziez pracowniczaHotel, restaurant, reception have one thing in common: from the threshold, at the very beginning we are welcomed by the people in fashion, fine skrojonej clothing business.

Sew custom clothing for workers in various industries: employees of hotels, spas, restaurants, reception, and even organizations and choirs!

szycie odziezy dla hoteli stroj na recepcje

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Do you have a question? Will help in the selection of clothing employee for Your company!


Clothing for the entire hotel?

Can you sew costumes for the staff in the whole hotel?

pracownik hotelu recepcji odziez hotelowa SPAIt depends on which hotel and what staff are included in the game :-)

What we can to ensure that the hotel is providing personnel in clothing for employees. Beautiful and wears well.

Obszywamy the entire hotel staff – we sew costumes for: Read more