Dress bags from this fabric

Or do you give us such as outfits of the hotel of such material?

stroje-hotelowe-szycie-producent-krawiecThis is the question I received at the entrance to a big hotel.

My future client came with a ready-made: material and photos from the Internet, and they said they want to sew, this material of these suits, the wymarzyli.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work.

Offer a full product: I assure you the fabric and style. I can do various adaptations to the client, but it's me from beginning to end, I doing this product. Because I'm late I should be responsible for it.

And how can I take it with a cloth, and then she will not go, it will be my fault.

After 23 years of sewing clothes for hotels and restaurants, I know how this fabric will work in operation. I don't want to be responsible for something she would not have bought did not wear.

Something else, if itself upatrzyłeś myself (not even on my side, just in a different place) toke, and only you are looking for a tailor that made clothes for your hotel. Then, YES, we sew the style in accordance with the instructions of the customer and for the customer project.



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