Elaganckie vest to work in a hotel and at the reception

elegancka kamizelka do pracy WOMENS VEST

Classic vest women's:    

  • fastened by buttons
  • two front pockets,
  • cutting, emphasizing the silhouette
  • back at the height of the hoist belt with large buckles, dopasowującą waist.

The composition of the cast iron fabric the customer chooses.

The options are:

  1. Wool 45% viscose 10% polyester, 45% – net price 110zł
  2. Wool 40% polyester 60% of the cost 100 PLN net
  3. Viscose 30% polyester 67%, spandex 3% – net price is 85zł
  4. Polyester 95% elastane 5% net price 75zł


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