Skirt in the hotel, at the reception – wear, uniform for work



Narrow, elegant, classic skirt:

  • tapering to the base
  • on karczku
  • rear rack with tip
  • fastens at the back of the castle room.
  • skirt length to the knee
  • lining lycra

Skirts sew on customer's order

The composition of cast-iron fabrics the customer chooses

  1. viscose 35% polyester 60% elastane 5% – price 112 PLN net
  2. cotton 75%, nylon 20%, spandex 5% – price 112 PLN net
  3. wool 50% viscose 30% polyester 20% – the price of 145 PLN net
  4. wool 70% viscose 15% polyester 15% – price 169 PLN net

Welcome to free custom clothing designs – you can see and try to evaluate the quality of the clothes. The clothes for a refund.

Details here: clothing in contact Agnieszka

szycie odziezy dla hoteli stroj na recepcje


Odzież hotelowa: elegancka spodnica do pracy 

spódnica praca w hotelu odziez na recepcje pracowniczaKlasyczna spodnica ze starannym wykończeniem

Doskonale dobrana kamizelka do bluzki koszulowej i spódnicy.

Translated by Yandex.Translate and Global Translator

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